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I don't know how you got to this website but since you are here anyway,
here are some thoughts that you can take with you as you leave...

The chances of this beautiful blue planet, we call home, being the only one in this endless Universe capable of sustaining life are very slim. So instead of pondering whether there is life out there start looking. It is only a matter of time before we find what we are looking for.

When something bad happens to us or when we are at a low point in our lives we often become more religious than ever. We always end up asking God questions like "why me?" or "why is this happening to us?." On the other hand, when life is great and we think that we are at the top of the world we never ever ask the same type of questions. For instance, does a rich men and women ever wonder why they are rich? or does a person who won a lottery wonder why he/she did win? The point is, why do we expect God to treat us differently at different times? After all, aren't we all equal in the eyes of God and the children of the same God? And isn't it rather unfair to expect favoritism depending on who we are or what happens to us?

Why is it hard for us to believe in one religion and one God? After all, the message is the same no matter which one you pick. If, as we all believe, your God is different from mine and your religion is different from mine then does that mean that your God and mine are at war? In other words, will I get an unfavorable treatment from your God and you from mine? Why, us humans, the most intelligent beings in this universe always try to humanize everything we see? When will we learn to tolerate and live in harmony with each other like all other beings in this universe?

Look at it differently from the Universe point of view. As far as we know there is only a single Universe. If that is true why not accept the fact there could only be one creator behind it all - if not we would be living in several Universes created one each by the God you, me, and everyone else worship.